So I was absolutely floored to learn I had a cancerous breast tumor four years ago. I had to dig deep to vanquish my fear and focus on sifting through huge amounts of information to find my own unique healing program. I intensified my emotional work, and through my Buddhist practice I found the strength to believe I would win. I changed my food and my attitude. I listened to my doctor and worked with an acupuncturist. I studied medical chi gong, sought out nutritionists, and did whole-food cleanses. I was relentless in my commitment and thrilled when I learned the cancer had disappeared. In fact, my doctor tells me the tissue keeps improving.This experience showed me my calling: To create healthy living strategies for motivated people who want to look and feel fantastic.

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"Life itself is the proper binge"

Certification Programs, Training & Special Skills

gave me hope that I could actually feel good. Perhaps I could feel enthusiastic, and energetic…. Step-by-step I experimented with food, supplements, and alternative and western health practices, finding out what worked and what didn’t. I also played with exercise programs, and began working to deal with emotional issues in my life. I got healthier and stronger, and I began gaining emotional stability, power and confidence. I gradually built a healthy foundation.

  • Certified Personal and Business Coach

  • Certified Health Coach

  • Certified in 1989 as professional massage therapist, Alive & Well

  • Completed Rolfing Training – 1991

  • Completed Hellerwork Training

  • Apprentice – Master Rolfer, Ed Taylor – 15 years

  • Aston Massage and Movement

  • Pre- and Post-natal massage

  • Infant Massage

  • Sports Injury Massage

  • Triathlon/Competition Prep

  • Stretch Instruction/Movement Training

  • Body Detoxifying and Renewing Treatments – Salt Glow, Seaweed Wraps, Lymphatic Release, etc.

  • Representative for Infinity Health, Standard Process, Systemic Formulas, Nutricology and Premier Research Labs supplements lines

  • Certified Emotional Release Technique in 2002

I’ve been a health enthusiast since I was a little girl and took charge of our huge organic garden. For the last 24 years, I have been working with people to create their most exquisite, healthy, energetic, and inspired lives.I’ve had health challenges that have made me desperate to feel good. As a child I was under profound stress that manifested in a plethora of health problems. By my teens and 20s I could barely function. I was a binge-eater and obsessed with food. When I was able to sleep it was like a gift from the gods. I couldn’t keep my weight down and I never felt sexy, or confident.

© Copyright 2013 Gina Catania

I was so excited when I went to massage therapy school in 1989 and began learning about health and alternative healing! Learning how food and herbs could affect my health and mood 

- Julia Child

I built a successful massage therapy practice by continually working on myself and adding powerful skills to my tool box like Aston Massage, Rolfing, and exercise physiology (see below for a list of certifications and special areas of study). I honed my intuitive and body-reading skills, and mastered techniques to help clients break through emotional and psychological blocks that were keeping them ill or in pain.